Out with the Old
Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide (2023)
Written by
Evan Romo
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Spring is here! And that means it is time to shift your home away from winter mode. I put together my approach on how I tackle spring cleaning every year. I hope it will help you out on your mission!

Old Business

You and I both know that you have been letting some things linger on year after year. You look at it in the corner of the room, just chilling right there. 0% used and 100% covered in dust. This is the first step I take in beginning my spring cleaning. I like to call it “Old Business”.

Old Business goes first for obvious reasons. In order for you to be able to begin cleaning things that will remain in your space, you need to get rid of the things that have no longer fit in there. Maybe some clothes you don’t fit in anymore, or opened junk mail, or even a old gift from a long lost lover. Old business can be anything! The point is, the first step in cleaning your space is letting go.

Bird’s Eye View

Now that everything that no longer has a place in your space has been removed, you can begin to evaluate all of your other belongings to see what you will be doing with them. What I like to do is sprawl everything out before anything else.

Sprawling out all of the belongings that need a change allow you to see things from up above. That is to say that you laid everything out on the floor or on furniture and you are standing above it. The biggest benefit to this step is that it allows you to see your belongings as categories of items rather than individual pieces.

Trial by Category

The next step is one that may take awhile as it is the meat of your spring cleaning journey. The step that I call “Trial by Category” is one where you begin to either keep or toss certain items based on the category they’re in. Clothing, tech, toys, self care products. Here, you can focus on one type of belonging at a time.

This strategy is put in place to combat the obstacle that we all know too well. You’re in the middle of cleaning and boom, you stumble on a random item you haven’t seen in forever, and now you get caught up in a 2 hour nostalgia trip.

Protip: If you are unsure about an item, keep it. You have an entire section dedicated for that item next year. (Old Business)

Look at all this Space!

You’ve reviewed your belongings and hopefully have made quite the cut down. The goal in the previous step was to remove items in an organized way. Theoretically, this should have created room for you to put everything back! But, because you emptied everything out beforehand, you now have an opportunity to approach your storage much more intentionally.

While you’ve been throwing things out, you’ve also had a chance to see which categories of items you use the most. This is important because it will affect how you store things away either cause it won’t be used for months, such as coats, or cause it has a high usage rate, such as certain documents.

The Polish

The final step. You’ve thrown out items that have been overdue for the can. You’ve categorized your belongings and evaluated what’s important and what’s not. You’ve reorganized everything and have a much cleaner and fresher space. But there is one more step, which should already be in your regular housekeeping routine. CLEAN!

Dust, Vacuum, Polish. What good is reorganizing your space if you don’t get to lie down on a clean bed in a clean home! Once everything has been put away, make sure to clean the home, and voila! You’re all done.

Now you’re all set for the spring months with a fresh, tidy, and decluttered home. This should increase happiness, productivity, and overall home energy. This, of course, doesn’t need to only be done during spring time. This “spring cleaning” strategy is great for anytime of the year!

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