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9 Kinds of Windows For You to Consider For Your Home
Written by
Evan Romo
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

From energy efficiency to the latest trend in home decor, there are various reasons why deciding on what windows you would like for your home is a major choice in homeownership.

Single Hung/Double Hung

The most common types of windows you will find in homes. These windows slide vertically and provide you with good ventilation and light. The difference between single and double is that the single will only open upwards from the bottom, while the double also opens downwards from the top half.


A window that is hinged on either the left or right side of it. This setup of hinge allows the window to open outwards via a crank. Although these windows open outwards and offer great ventilation, they can be damaged from strong winds or other weather conditions. When closed, however, they are great at energy conservation.

Picture Windows

Picture windows offer a great and unobstructed view of the exterior. Due to the simplicity of the window, they are amazing at providing natural light. A con to their simplicity, however, is that they do no open, thus allowing for no ventilation. They are also restricted in their ability to retain heat during winter and provide cooling during the summers, so curtains will be a good pairing with these windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are unique in design in that they are a combination of windows held together through angled framing and hinges. A popular combination would have your center window being a picture window, while the outer windows are single or double hung. This style of combination allows for both view and ventilation!

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are similar to Hung windows with the major and key difference being that they open horizontally rather than vertically. Sliding windows are great for ventilation and offer a solid level of energy efficiency.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged from the top which allow them to open outward vertically. They are great at not allowing rain inside while remaining open, resulting in them being a great pairing with a picture window beneath them. Like Casement windows, however, they still do risk being damaged when open due to them opening outward.

Bow Windows

Bow Windows are similar to Bay Windows in look. They differ because the curves of the window do not come from the framing of them. This means that Bow Windows have a slightly less extreme angle between each panel. Similar to Bay Windows, most arrangements of Bow Windows are a combination of different styles such as Casement and Fixed/Picture Windows.

Arched Windows

Arched Windows are unique in design in that they don’t feature the same rectangular build as most other windows. They are commonly comprised of a casement window with a half circle window above. However, because they can come in one big piece, they also commonly sacrifice being able to open, thus not allowing for ventilation and only serving decorative purposes.

Round Windows

Similar to Arched Windows, Round Windows get their popularity in their design. Round Windows are good to consider for small spaces, such as attics or above bathroom showers, as they provide a good amount of natural light. Their size often leaves them without the ability to open, but still are commonly used as decorative windows.

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