Drive Safe, Save Big
How to Maintain High Trucking Safety and Compliance Scores
Written by
Evan Romo
Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In the trucking industry, drivers and companies rely heavily on ratings and scores that they obtain throughout the duration of their business. These scores include the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) and the Carrier Absolute Behavior (CAB). Having great performances in these areas not only keeps your business eligible, but also brings you the best experiences in insurance. With positive scores, you can receive lower premiums and have access to higher quality carriers. With that in mind, let’s see a few ways you can improve your trucking safety scores.

1. Comprehensive Safety Program

Having policies and procedures that are well established in your company will ensure your drivers know what to do in any event. When there is no routine in order, unfortunate events become amplified and an accident can become much worse than it needed to be.

2. Prioritizing Driver Safety

Making sure that your drivers are all qualified to be on the road with your name attached to the truck is a must. Transparency and honesty is important so making sure that drivers are licensed, maintain safe records, and provide accurate hours and miles records will get your scores trending upward.

3. Proactive Situational Awareness

Knowing the roads you travel pays dividends in maintaining the quality and reputation of your business. This can better prepare you for your journeys by helping you predict high traffic, weather trends, and possible accidents which ultimately leads to a safer business overall.

4. Look After the Pride and Joy

Lastly, it SHOULD go without saying that keeping the fleet well maintained is necessary for you to have positive safety ratings. Your trucks should not be giving you constant issues and should ABSOLUTELY not be safety hazards on the road. Keep your vehicles well maintained, and everything else becomes easy!

Maintaining a high CAB score is important for trucking companies looking to keep their insurance premiums low and attract more carrier offers. By implementing a comprehensive safety program, emphasizing driver safety, monitoring and addressing safety issues, and keeping your vehicles well-maintained, you can help ensure that your company maintains a strong safety record and a high CAB score. Visit for more information.

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