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The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist
Written by
Evan Romo
Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Road Trips are ramping up, and if you’re the party leader in your group, then you know the massive responsibility it is to make sure everyone is on point! We definitely know. That’s why we created the ultimate cross country road trip checklist!

Vehicle  Maintenance

Possibly the most important part of the checklist is to make sure the vehicle you use to embark on your voyage is prepped and in condition to make the journey! Here are key things you should make sure are good to go:

  • Oil and filter change - Trust me, personally, when I say this is KEY
  • Tire rotations
  • Be sure to check on your brakes!
  • Ensure that your battery is in good shape
  • Check up on the condition of your windshield wipers
  • Inspect your headlights and taillights to confirm they are working fine


Depending on your style, this may change, but having a solid plan for navigation AND communications will come in handy in the event of any emergencies!

  • GPS: Map or app, whatever’s clever.
  • Chargers are a must. However, so easy to forget. Make sure you got these in your case!

Emergency Kit

Some people may call this overkill, but this wouldn’t be the ultimate road trip checklist without it. Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be called emergencies. Get this list in order, and you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

  • First aid kit - The foundational piece in an emergency kit is the first aid
  • Roadside assistance item can come in handy such as flares or jumper cables
  • Spare tire… you have one right??
  • Flashlight - Stuck on the side of the road and need to leave the car? You’ll want this in your kit
  • Blankets will be your best friend in the event you have to sleep roadside through the night

Personal Items

Your very own checklist. You need these items even when you DON’T travel. Imagine when you do…

  • Driver’s License - Or an ID of some sort!
  • Proof of Insurance - If you land in an accident, you’ll really be needing this
  • Funds - Do not, I repeat, DO NOT FORGET THE MONEY!
  • Medications - May not be necessary to all.. but if you have any, this could be life or death
  • Toiletries - The level of importance here highly depends on where you’ll be staying! Not all places provide these, so make sure to have your own!
  • Clothing - This could be a checklist all on its own! You know what you need. Pro tip: 2 extra pairs of underwear, always.

Anti-Boredom Defense

Road trips take a few hours to get through. Days even! Nobody is expected to get through that whole drive with no entertainment. Sure, you could… but at some point, “enjoying the scenery” becomes a mind trick you try to play on yourself.

  • Playlists. Designate the right person for this and make sure the music is on point the whole way through. CDs for when the signal drops. By yourself? Audiobooks or podcasts become more of an option!
  • Have games ready to play. Punch Buggy is arguably the most classic, but you can alter it or come up with your own games altogether. Many have been made over the years of drivers all around the world. Some people might not even know what I mean when I said Punch Buggy just now
  • It doesn’t have to be an ipad, but a solid tablet that has some movies on it will do you justice! Movies are an easy way to eat up time on the road!

Itinerary Check

You probably have a list of items you plan to do once you get to your destination. It’s key to make sure that you know the ins and outs of those plans in case you need reservations or other requirements prior. Especially tangible items!

  • Hotel reservations are easy to store on your phone. But make sure you know where to access that email or pdf file! Typically, the hotel will still be able to look you up nowadays.
  • The itinerary check itself! Trips usually undergo changes along the way, but having that plan for your trip will help retain as much structure as possible.
  • Specific gear may be necessary such as a camping trip. This becomes a checklist of it’s own, but making sure you have all the needed items is key.

You’re all set for your next trip! You have the ultimate checklist to reference, and if you need to make sure your vehicle is properly insured for the drive, visit florinsurance.com to get into contact with us!

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