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6 Tips for Preventing Car Theft this Summer
Written by
Evan Romo
Friday, May 12, 2023

Summer’s out! Thieves out! During the summer, it is reported that car thefts are at the highest. The biggest culprits are teens and young adults and this is due to them have much more time available during this stretch of the year. There are many reasons why a car can be targeted for theft. Whether it is because you car is attractive or if you’ve made certain people angry!

Whatever the case, you should know there are ways to help deter thieves and prevent your car, or the valuable in it, from being stolen. Here are 6 tips to preventing car theft this summer.

Covering Up the Vehicle

One step that will thwart many thieves is to place a cover on top of your vehicle. It may be annoying at first to keep having to put it on and remove it, but if you have a high value vehicle, or valuable belongings in it, hiding it under a cover will keep people from knowing what’s parked on the driveway.

Staying Within the Light

During nighttime adventures, if you are going to be leaving your car unattended for awhile, then you should always opt for well-lit parking areas. Thieves prefer to work in the dark, and if they don’t, they are a terrible thief. If you normally park on the street in your neighborhood, this is also heavily applicable.

Bringing Out the Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel lock is something no one is expecting a driver to have. It’s just simply not something you think about installing into your car. But, having one is a great way to ensure no one is driving off with your vehicle. Most thieves are anticipating simple and easy work. This would cause too much of a headache.

Keeping the Car Locked

Easy enough right? Well, if it were, less theft would occur! In a dark parking lot at night, full of parked cars, a thief can have a field day by quickly going from car to car checking which are easy pickings. Remembering your keys and to lock your car are very difficult habits, we know, but building and establishing them will give you a much needed boost of peace of mind.

Installing Anti-Theft Systems

You should worry less with a newer vehicle of course. But, with older vehicles, you may not already have an anti-theft system installed in your car. This can include an alarm, but even more, it can include a GPS tracker. A car being stolen is one thing, but a vehicle that cannot be recovered is an entirely new problem.

Keeping the Valuables out of Sight

Do you leave your phone in the car? Maybe some expensive gear? MONEY?? Make sure you aren’t leaving it in plain view. If you can, don’t even leave it in the car at all! The worst thing you can do is make the valuable items in your car known to sticky fingers. For bigger items, having a blanket in your car to throw over it helps big time because you can’t always just avoid keeping things in your car.

Although you can do your best at preventing car theft, it can ultimately still happen! Being able to track your car is an ultimate lifesaver that hasn’t been available to us at all times. ONE MORE THING that is a lifesaver, sometimes literally, is having the right insurance! So if you’re ever facing the unfortunate event of car theft, make sure you have great protection with Flor Insurance.

To get a quote, visit florinsurance.com/personal-lines.

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