Cold House, No Problem
Heating Your Home On A Budget
Written by
Evan Romo
Monday, January 30, 2023

Just because we’re still dealing with the winter doesn’t mean we have to deal with high utility bills. Our heating bill tends to be a victim of the colder seasons. Because of that, I’ve compiled a brief list of both permanent and temporary ways to give your home some warmth without spiking that heating bill.

Optimize Doors and Windows

One major move you need to make and be on top of periodically is to ensure your doors are properly fitted and that air leaks are not exposing your windows. It’s also wise to consider investing in windows that provide better insulation as well for the long term. Pairing your windows with thick curtains allows your home to retain heat much easier as well. Pro tip: Make it a habit to open those curtains during the warmer times of the day to allow the sun to naturally heat the home.

Replace Your Furnace Filters

The furnace on your filters will need your attention every now and then, and if your goal is to save on your heating, then it is key you make sure they are in good condition. Forgetting to replace your filters will leave your furnace having to work at a higher output which will be a sure way to jack that heating bill all the way up.

Keep Doors and Vents to Unused Rooms Closed

There may be rooms in your home that are rarely entered. A guest room is a simple example. A guest bathroom is also included as an example. Your home can preserve more heat by keeping the rooms closed. Along with the doors, you can also close the vents to these unused rooms. By doing so, you direct the heat of your home to flow into the parts of the home that are occupied.

Lowering/Programming Your Thermostat

The slightest decrease in your thermostat’s temperature can make a long term difference in savings. To take it a step further, whenever you are going to be away from the home for a good amount of time, whether that be you leaving to work for the day or out of town for the weekend, you can drop the thermostat to an even lower temperature. If possible, you can search and invest for a programmable thermostat. That way, you can set it to a schedule and not have to worry about remembering!

Ceilng Fans

You may have heard of this before, but it’s always great to have a convenient reminder. Ceiling fans are primarily used to cool a space in a home, but by reversing the direction of the fans, you help keep the heating of your home optimized. You can easily find a switch on the base of your fan. Flipping the switch, while off of course, will change the fan’s direction. Be sure to change it back when the spring season comes around! Clockwise for the winters, counter clockwise for the summers.

Space Heater

Sometimes, a small room might be really cold and you’d like to heat it up. Without needing to adjust the entire home’s temperature, a small and quick solution can be found with a space heater. It requires electricity, but it allows for you to only worry about heating up that room, a cold bathroom in the morning for example, for a short amount of time. This is a small difference maker for you to consider every now and again.

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