& How They've Shaped the Commercial World
Written by
Evan Romo
Wednesday, March 8, 2023

As we enter the grooves of the warmer weathers of March, we’d like to present the Flor Insurance Product of the Month: Commercial Insurance. Specifically for the bars and restaurant industry. HOWEVER, before we dive deeper into that, we’d also like to acknowledge March for what it represents: Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month has stood long before the time of our “products of the month”, so we think it’s crucial to speak on how women have impacted the commercial world before all else.

Laying the Foundation

Although women’s involvement in business dates back before America, we will be focusing on how women have led the United States in the workforce throughout the country’s history. During the beginning years of the United States and for a very long time, the country was regularly at war, resulting in a large majority of the men being away from home. Away from battle, it is women who began to plant the roots of commercial America. Women were some of the most prominent business owners in America by the time the 1900s began to roll around. With the end of World War II bringing back a lot of soldiers, many felt that women would be able to return to home while men took over their roles in work. Although a part of history played out in this manner, it is not to be assumed that women simply stopped being leaders in business. Oh no no no, sir.

Women Rising

Post World War II, women’s first mission was to regain their right to be equal members in workforce. Meaning both opportunity and pay. Spoiler alert, we can still do better for women in this area. However, women have been collecting wins in the workforce since reestablishing their right to work outside the home. During this time, the percentage of women in the workforce has risen to become the majority. Along with that, you can bet your bottom dollar that the percentage of women in leadership positions also rose. What’d you expect? It’s women we’re talking about here. Their next mission: To become the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs. Just know, they’re working on it.

Letting the Work Speak for Itself

Women will eventually become the majority of Fortune 500 owners. No doubt about it. They are regularly displaying the fact that they can lead top companies. And more women-owned businesses are beginning to appear. Not only are they arriving, but at a much faster rate than the growth of ALL BUSINESS. Women in the leader chair are driving their business to have much higher returns than world averages! What other angle would you like to look at it? They have less layoffs, they’re better organized, and more and more women are striving to become MBA graduates, meaning they will only be even better prepared for that CEO position. Any other angles? Cause it’s looking like they were made to lead at this point.

What’s Next

Earlier, I spoiled the ending. Women still are fighting for true equality in the workforce. We’ve seen this country slowly end the imbalance, but there is still a lot of room for growth. Through time, women will eventually become the dominant force in the commercial world. There will be no way to look around it, and I think it would be a much better choice for us to look directly at this truth and welcome it in with open arms already. For the sake of business.

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