Insure Your Loved Ones
"The Sixth Love Language"
Written by
Evan Romo
Friday, February 3, 2023

Love is in the air! And what better way to connect with your loved ones than to show it in ways that your partner would appreciate. Most of us have been asked, or at leaat heard, the question, “What’s your love language?” If that’s a head scratcher, then I’ll briefly explain that the question derives from the idea that there are 5 love languages in which a human can possibly give and receive love. The current five cover a lot of ground, but we believe that there is an act that merits it’s own category, The “sixth love language”, if you will. That is, insuring your loved ones. Let’s take a look at all six.

Words of Affirmation

The first on the list is words of affirmation, which covers the verbal communication between two individuals. This language is commonly included when the love languages are discussed. Fair, as verbal communication is one of the easiest ways to interact with any given person. When a person is aligned with words of affirmation, you can expect to give and hear reassurance and celebration. Along with praise and acknowledgement, words of affirmation is where the very important “I love you” lies within.

Gift Giving

Although this language is perceived as materialistic, the sentimental value behind many gifts are unmatched. Gift giving can have such a range in the emotions that it hits, with a lighthearted example of gift giving being a friend of yours grabbing you a coffee before stopping by. On one end, a gift can satisfy the same cravings that retail therapy would. On the other, a gift can represent days and days of hardwork chipping away at a homemade gift that holds much sentimental value. Both spectrums of gift giving are a staple in speaking the language of love.

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is a form of love where one individual provides a loving favor for another. Acts of service can be both expected and unexpected. In the office at Flor Insurance, I would like to go ahead and wash all of the glasswear that was in the sink. I know… not the most romantic thing, but remember… love languages don’t have to be! However, if we are talking romance, maybe offer your partner a foot massage. Or for the parents, offer to take care of the children while your partner rests. Essentially, acts of service alleviate the workload from a person you care dearly about.

Insuring Your Loved Ones

Speaking of acts of service, we believe that there is one act that is so unique it deserves its own category. That act is insuring your loved ones. To begin, you can simply ensure that they have health insurance and can be properly aided if ever needed. But if we take that a step further, you can also provide a life insurance package for yourself that will supply your family in case anything were to happen to YOU. If we had to really sum it up, you could say that life insurance creates an emergency fund in case of a death. However, if you looked through the details of life insurance, you can easily see how it can be personalized to not only be a lifeline, but a wealth generating tool as well. If you’d like to learn more about life insurance, you can begin here.

Quality Time

Quality Time may be hard to achieve at times, if you are not open minded that is. Of course, quality time is recognized as the act of devoting your time and attention to someone. Attention is key here, as you can look at it as the “quality” in “Quality Time”. Being in the same room as someone while being so caught up in your phone does not equate to this love language. Although it may seem as though it means physically being with someone, it also includes forms of attention devotion that can be done at a distance. If you live overseas from a friend or loved one, you can still spend quality time via a phone call. You can also write a letter. I believe, that can be quality time in it’s primitive form. Do you agree? Or is that an act of service? Or both? I say both.

Physical Touch

The final love language we will cover is Physical Touch. This one is a language we may have in our list of love languages that we engage with. Yes, you can have more than one. They hold different values of course though! Physical Touch may also be one we have a big boundary on as well. Like the other languages, there are spectrums to physical touch. On one side, you can be very enthusiastic and give high fives to the entire office. Many people would openly accept this, and this is most certainly a form of love language. Physical touch then becomes a much more intimate love language as it becomes more and more personal. Between the extremes of physical touch is many many forms of love that include contact between individuals.

The Five, six in our case, Love Languages are not the be-all-end-all, but they are an extremely helpful way for an individual to monitor both how they prefer to receive love and the languages of love that they are comfortable with giving. It is quite the conversation to not only have with loved ones, but with yourself as well! However, if we may, we’d like to reiterate that when having this discussion, you also include our suggested SIXTH love language — to insure your loved ones.

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