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Liquor Liability, Explained
Written by
Evan Romo
Wednesday, March 29, 2023

When owning a bar or restaurant, it’s important to protect your business from all the liabilities that may come from serving alcohol. Liquor Liability is a coverage that provides financial protection for establishments that serve alcohol in the event of an accident or injury caused by a customer who has consumed one too many!

To begin, Liquor Liability is almost always required a liquor license. It truly is an essential investment for your business if you will be serving alcohol. Most of your patrons will enjoy their drink or two peacefully. But, we’re aware of those that accidentally (sometimes intentionally) go overboard… As a result, the business serving alcohol can be the one liable for damages caused by that one patron.

For example, a customer was served too much one night, and on their way home or wherever else, they get into a wreck. I’ll spare the possible extremes, but the costs that can occur would need to fall on someone. Your business would be at a very high risk of being liable for this, resulting in you paying for all those damages.

Serving alcohol can go wrong in other ways too. You may serve a customer a drink that would be dangerous for anyone to consume, but especially them. For whatever reason, this drink harms the customer, such as alcohol poisoning, and you are left to be for these damages out of pocket. Something as serious as this could instantly put an establishment out of business.

These examples show that without liquor liability, your business would be facing extreme costs. With alcohol having so many varieties at play, it’s hard to generalize your assumptions. Even with being a conservative establishment, you are never exempt from an accident. Liquor Liability covers legal fees, settlements, and other costs that come from these claims. Through time, and with the safety net of Liquor Liability, you see how your reputation increases as you establish that you are a business that ultimately cares for the safety of their customers.

Liquor Liability is essential for any bar, restaurant or any establish that serves alcohol really. If you are an owner beginning their establishment, and want to get a quote for liquor liability, visit here to reach us!

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