Hello! Anybody Home?
Securing Your Home While on Vacation
Written by
Evan Romo
Thursday, May 4, 2023

When you’re on vacation, you’re not looking to be thinking about anything else but sweet sweet nothing. You’re not wanting to be worried about a single thing such as the safety of your home! So, it’s best to have a solid plan in place for all your travels. Allow us to get you started?

Securing the Entrances

First and foremost, make sure all doors and windows are locked up. If there are any additional locks you need to put in place, such as a security bar for sliding doors, remember to do so as well.

Smart Home

Now, you can invest in many digital tools that allow you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. You can even program lights to turn on and off at specific times. This is good vacation or not, but it can possibly deter anybody thinking the home is empty.

Neighborly Love

If you’re active in your area and have made friends with a few of your neighbors, you can easily ask for some of their help to do some minor upkeep for your home. Checking and collecting the mail, feeding any pets, watering plants, or simply making sure there’s not a fire. This alone can go a long way!

Enjoy the Moment

Before posting all of your views and eats from your amazing vacation, enjoy it all in full. Posting as you go can alert just about anybody that you are not home. You can always adjust privacy settings to make sure strangers can’t see what you’re up to, but to be as safe as possible, you should just post about your trip afterwards.

Parcel Management

For much longer vacations, you may start to have mail piling up. If you don’t have a neighbor or friend coming by to keep that from happening, you can possibly put your delivery on hold. Again, this is more beneficial for longer vacations, but we play it safe over here.

Protect What You Love Most

Despite precautions, things may still happen while you’re away. There are so many opportunities to protect your home and everything around it. Pet insurance, flood insurance, burglary, etc. With all that possibility, you will have no trouble getting the protection you need. To see all the opportunities, visit florinsurance.com/personal-lines.

If All Else

For some people, you may be in a position to be able to just hire a house sitter. This is similar to asking a neighbor to come by once or a couple times a day, but you’d be asking this person to simply live in your place while you’re gone. This will completely eliminate the vacancy problem of your home. Just make sure they’re someone you can trust!

Of course there are many other specific ways to secure your home while on vacation, but with these tips alone, you are already applying a great effort to protecting what you love most. Happy travels!

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