Spring on the Road
Important Changes to Trucking in the Spring
Written by
Evan Romo
Monday, April 10, 2023

Our Winter weather is almost entirely gone! Icy roads become an afterthought and the windows start to get rolled down. Although the spring season is much kinder to our vehicles, it still brings upon its own risks and sets of precautions that you should take! Being aware of these changes and being proactive on your insurance is key to preparing for the seasonal change.

Arguably, the biggest seasonal change for you to consider with Spring is the increase in rain and thunderstorms. During these months, flooding becomes a much bigger threat for truckers all across the roads. Thuderstorms add to the dangers of heavy rain as well. They introduce heavy winds and vicious lightning into the mix and can create some serious obstacles for truckers who are in the middle of a cross country haul. Be sure to confirm your company’s insurance policies and whether or not you are covered from any flooding damage.

Spring also brings on more traffic onto the roads. More folks are hitting the highways to enjoy some vacation time. With more traffic comes more risk of accidents and as a truck driver, you and your company should be proactive when it comes to this. You don’t want to find yourself short on coverage during high traffic seasons so checking on your policy to make sure that it’s tailored to your needs is always a great idea, no matter the season.

Additionally, your cargo deserves some TLC during the spring season. Freight thieves are present year-round, but Spring brings on new hauls which creates a spike in cargo theft. Food and beverage are especially at risk to theft, and trucking companies lose out on an estimate $15 to $30 Billion dollars on cargo due to this. With the new season here, you always want to do some good housekeeping and your security protocols are nothing to look past.

Spring brings on its own unique set of challenges and risks. It’s best to always be prepared and evaluate your company and it’s coverage each and every season. If you are ready for a quote on trucking insurance, visit us at florinsurance.com/transportation

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